Course D : Gage Repeatability & Reproducility(R&R) Studies

DATE for the year of 2019:

14nd Feb 
04th Apr 
11th Jul 
12th Sep 
19th Dec 




This course is to enable participants to understand the fundamental principle of the measurement system, its effect and impact on the quality of measurement data and the accuracy of the process analysis. Participants will know the types of variations influencing the measurement system performance and acquire the use of proven statistical methods for evaluating the measurement system in different environments.


Section 1 : Terminology
Section 2 : Basic Statistical Concepts
Section 3 : Probability Distribution
Section 4 : Introduction to Gage R&R Studies
Section 5 : Planning for the Gage R&R Studies
Section 6 : Methods of Gage R&R Studies
Section 7 : Review problems and exercise
Section 8 : Appendix


MR. NG YEW SEONG has extensive hands-on experience in laboratory management, especially in mechanical and dimensional calibration, Quality Assurance and the training of new laboratory technicians. In 1993, as the Q.A. Manager of Sea Metrology Services Sdn Bhd, he obtained and maintained the ISO/IEC 17025 for the company. He is also a part-time lecturer teaching Measurement System for CQE Examination students. He is also an Authorized Signatory for Calibration appointed by SAMM (DSM) and is a Consultant and Technical Advisor for several public calibration companies.

MR. SEAH LEONG HO is the Quality Manager and Executive Director of Sendi Mahir Sdn Bhd. He was trained in Physical Quality by undergoing a course from Japan in 1997 through the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship. He also participated in Workshops and Symposiums conducted by the National Conference of Standard Laboratories, U.S.A in 1997 and 2001. He is also a qualified Lead Assessor for ISO/IEC 17025. With more than ten years’ hands-on experience in calibration of various Mechanical, Electrical and Temperature measuring instruments, his session of training will enable participants to fully understand the importance and the fundamental aspects of calibration practice.



RM1,000.00 per participant - Course Material are provided







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