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Speed measurement is divided into angular velocity measurement and linear velocity measurement. The angular velocity of a rotating machine is usually expressed in radians per second (rad/s) or revolution per minute (r/min or rpm). Linear velocity is the distance moved per unit of time and is expressed as metres per second (m/s) or metre per minute (m/min). The Tachometer is the instrument which measures directly the angular velocity of a rotating shaft and we are also able to calibrate Stroboscope using a tachometer. We able to calibrate non-contact type tachometers ranging up to 20,000rpm and contact type ranging up to 10,000rpm.


The Tachometer is calibrated based on American Standard.

All our reference standards are traceable to National Metrology Laboratory, Malaysia (NML). 

Laboratory & Site Calibration:

- Sendi Mahir Sdn Bhd (Head Office)
- Procal Services Sdn Bhd
- Setianas Sdn Bhd


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