Torque and Pressure


Torque is a term widely used in engineering and refers to the product of force and radius. The SI unit of force is Newton (N) and the distance is a metre (m), so torque is measured in Newton metres (Nm). When a force acts on an object it can be concentrated at a point or spread over a larger area and is known as pressure. The unit of pressure is Pascal. SMSB provides Torque calibration based on American Standard and Pressure calibration based on Australian Standard.

Torque Meter c/w 4 Transducers ranging from 1Nm, 10Nm, 100Nm and 1000Nm, each having resolution of 0.0001Nm, 0.001Nm, 0.01Nm. and 0.1Nm respectively.

Torque bar and standard weights are used to calibrate torque meters.

Dead Weight Tester is the primary standard and used to calibrate test gauges and high precision pressure calibrators.

Test Gauge for calibration of industrial pressure gauges.

Pneumatic Pressure Tester is used to calibrate lower pressure (range -1bar to 20bar) for better accuracy.

Manometer calibrators ranging from 700mbar and 2mbar with a resolution as fine as 0.00001mbar and 0.001mbar are available to calibrate manometers.

- Our reference standard for torque is traceable to the National Physical Laboratory (United Kingdom).

- Our reference standard for pressure is traceable to the National Metrology Laboratory, Malaysia (NML).

Laboratory & Site Calibration:

- Sendi Mahir Sdn Bhd (Head Office)

Laboratory Calibration (Pressure Only)

- Setianas Sdn Bhd (Southern Office)


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