Flow Laboratory

Flow measurement is a technique used in any process requiring the transport of a material from one point to another. It is typically indicated in either velocimetric, volumetric or gravimetric bases; distance per unit time (e.g.: m/s), volume flow per unit time (e.g.: l/min), and mass flow per unit time (e.g.: kg/hr). Our flow laboratory specialized in flow calibration for liquid and gas flowmeter.

SMSB have new accredited items & revision for the following items on 12th April 2010

Instrument Calibrated/ 
Measurement Parameter
Best measurement capability
Expressed as an uncertainty (±)*

0.15 m/s to 5 m/s
above 5 m/s to 20 m/s
above 20 m/s to 45 m/s
0.12 m/s
0.23 m/s
0.53 m/s

Benchtop wind tunnel with range (0 to 45 m/s)

Our reference standards are traceable to the International Standard.

Laboratory & Site Calibration:

- Sendi Mahir Sdn Bhd (Head Office)


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