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SMSB's Annual Dinner at Kota Permai Golf & Country Club ~ 11th December 2010

SMSB Malay Staff Open House on 2nd October 2010

SMSB 'Buka Puasa' Dinner on 26th August 2010

Cheer Club had organized the 'Buka Puasa' event for all SMSB staffs on 26th August 2010 at 07:30pm. The muslim and non - muslim staffs had joined together on that night to have the dinnerat out pantry area. All of them enjoyed the provided foods and even packed the remaining foods for their family members. That moment was the most joyful throughout the night. After that, our muslim staffs had the 'Sembayang Berjemaah' in our company's surau.

SMSB staffs would like to thank the management for the effort to arrange the meaningful event in the Ramadhan month for every year.


SMSB Blood Test - Consultation Day on 26th August 2010

SMSB have organize a blood test for all the staffs at 07th August 2010. All the staffs getting the doctor's consultation for free from BP Lab on their blood test resu on 26th August 2010 at SMSB's Training Room.

Charity for handicapped children: PPKKCTM, PJ on 7th August 2010

SMSB's Cheer Club committee members with other staffs had visited the Pusat Penjagaan Kanak - Kanak Taman Megah in Petalling Jaya, Selangor on 07th August 2010 as one of our annual activity. This is the second visit to PPKKCTM since the last visit at 2008.

SMSB Group Activity for 2010 ~ BBQ on 3rd July 2010

SMSB's Cheer Club has organized a group activity for all the staffs. During this activity, we provided 'Mee Goreng Mamak', cendol and also burger other than BBQ only. All the staffs enjoyed themselves and foods together.

METALTECH Exhibition 2010 on 5th ~ 9th May 2010

SMSB has participated in the recent METALTECH exhibition at PWTC from 5th May ~ 9th May 2010 as one of our yearly event to promote and introduce our services to the customers. Previously, we have also participated in LAB ASIA & ICA exhibitions and received positive feedbacks and supports from potential and our existing customers. We hope to continue this yearly event in the coming years.

SMSB Annual Bowling Tournament on 24th April 2010

Our Cheer Club had organized the yearly Bowling Tournament on 24th April 2010 at Plazza Shah Alam Sentral, Shah Alam. There were 39 staffs joined this friendly game among the staffs, which help to promote the teamwork among them.

Hong Kong Disneyland & Shenzhen Company Trip on 16th ~ 19th April 2010

SMSB had organized annual company trip to Hong Kong Disneyland & Shenzhen on 16th ~ 19th April 2010. There were 68 persons inclusive of the staff's family members in this trip. We had and enjoyable and memorable trip as this is our 15th company anniversary celebration as well.

SMSB new accreditted items & revision scope for the following items ~ 12th April 2010



Plain Plug Gauge/ Pin Gauge
Plain Ring Gauge
External Micrometer
Dial / Digimatic & Vernier
Dial/ Digimatic & Vernier Height Gaug
Screw Plug
Screw Ring
Gauge Block set Grade ‘0’ and below
Taper Plain Plug
Taper Plain Ring
Taper Thread Plug
Taper Thread Ring
Length Bar
Long Series Gauge Block up to 500mm

FLOW (Details)



Radiation Thermometer
Temperature Sensor (Thermocouple, PRT, Mechanical Thermometer, Thermistor)


Piston Operated Volumetric Apparatus (POVA)

Customer Day @ SMSB, Shah Alam on 9th April 2010

In the lovely day of 09th April 2010, SMSB had successfully conducted another cheerful ‘Customer Days’ together with 34 respectful customers. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the support from your goodself on the participation of our Customer Day event.

METALTECH Exhibitions 2010 on 5th ~ 9th May 2010

SMSB had participated in the upcoming METALTECH Exhibition in (PWTC, KL) and we cordially invite all of you to visit our booth at NO:4233.
The event is ended and please (Click here ) for the event photographs.

SMSB rewarded the Best Employee of the Month ~ February 2010

Best Employee - Rafizah
( Dimensional&Volumetric Lab. )
Best Employee - Zaid
( Logistic Dept. )

Calibration Seminar Conference @ Vietnam on 12th January 2010

SMSB had successfully conducted the 'Calibration Seminar Conference’ event on 12th January 2010 at Vietnam. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the participants for attending on that day. It was an overwhelming response from all participants, which it was about 60 participants attended this event. We were also able to share our knowledge with them.

SMSB rewarded the Best Employee of the Month ~ January 2010

Best Employee - Mustaqim
( F.T.S Dept. )
Best Employee - Nurafini
( Account Dept. )

SMSB rewarded the Best Employee of the Month ~ December 2009

Best Employee - Nazir
( F.T.S Dept. )
Best Employee - Zaid
( Logistic Dept. )


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