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Annual Dinner @ Quality Hotel, Shah Alam on 3rd December 2011

For this year 2012, Cheer club had organized the grand event which is Annual Dinner 2012 with the FANTASY theme " DISNEY ANIME" at DE PALMA  Hotel, Shah Alam on 22nd December 2012. Everyone had enjoyed themselves throughout the night with Lucky Draw, Games, Performance, Dinner and many more. We would like to thank the management for giving the full support to the cheer club committees to organize such a memorable and wonderful event.

Visitation from ADTEC on 18th October 2011

On 18th October 2011, there are 14 students and 6 lecturers from PUSAT LATIHAN TEKOLOGI TINGGI (ADTEC) have visited SMSB. The purpose of this visitation is to help the students to have better understanding in calibration industry and for learning the 5S practices in SMSB.

Visitation from POLITEKNIK SEBERANG PERAI on 11th October 2011

On 11th October 2011, there are 20 students and 5 lecturers from POLITEKNIK SEBERANG PERAI have visited SMSB. The purpose of this visitation is to help the students to have better understanding in calibration industry.

Lab Asia 2011 @ PWTC, KL on 27th September 2011

SMSB had participated in the Lab Asia 2011 (PWTC, KL) and our booth at NO: 3G22.

LabAsia 2011 is the Malaysian 3rd Laboratory and Analytical Equipment, Instrumentation and Services Exhibition and Conference, held only biennially and increasing twice its size since the first exhibition held in year 2007. LABASIA 2011 is held at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 27-29 September 2011. Opening hours are from 10am to 6pm.

LabAsia 2011 is the largest exhibition in ASEAN for Laboratory and Analytical Equipment, Instrumentation and Services. This would be an excellent opportunity for Managing Directors, Lab Managers, Researchers, Scientists, Chemists, QA & QC Managers and Procurement Managers to avail themselves for this event.
According to the organizer report, a total of 4,555 peoples visited during these 3 days. SMSB had setup a booth at
NO: 3G22. Visitors from various industries like aviation, medical, food, automation, energy, heavy machinery, education and etc. had visited our booth to get more information on calibration & professional training services that provided by SMSB.

would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all the visitors who visited our booth and supports. We wish to see you all again in relevant exhibition in coming years.

Announcement: SMSB's Calibration Certificate Format Revised ~ 8th August 2011

To All Our Valued Customer :

Please be informed that effective from 08th August 2011, we had revised a new format of calibration certificates due to we need to fulfill requirements from (Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia, (SAMM Policy 7 : Specific Requirements on the Issue of SAMM Endorsed Calibration Certificates) and also for our continual improvement to fulfill customer satisfaction as our objective.

All calibration certificates either SAMM Logo or not will be use white paper as we had changed our system to new E-Recall system.

Hope the above explanation had been clarified and please do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiry.

From SMSB Management
Terms and Conditions which printed at the back will be simplified for display in our quotation (Term H & I) and at the bottom of our NEW Certificate Template.
Kindly to the red highlighted box as below :

SMSB Family Activities for 2011 ~ Sunway Lagoon on 9th July 2011

Customer Day @ SMSB, Shah Alam on 11th March 2011

In our continuous drive towards meeting our corporate values of 'To Serve Customer with Sincerity, Honesty & Integrity', SMSB had successfully conducted another cheerful 'Customer Day' together with 26 respectful customers on the lovely day of 11th March 2011. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the support from your good self on the participation of our Customer Day event.

SMSB Group Activities for 2011 ~ BBQ on 5th March 2011

SMSB's Cheer Club has organized a group activity for all the staffs. During this activity, we provided 'Mee Goreng Mamak', cendol and also burger other than BBQ only. All the staffs enjoyed themselves and foods together.

Visitation From National Instrument on 17th February 2011

On 17th February 2011, three gentlemen from National Instrument have paid a visit to SMSB for knowledge sharing and auditing. SMSB would like to express our gratitudes and looking forward to have more visit between National Instrument and SMSB to enhance knowledge especially in calibration.

( From Left : Mr. L.H. Seah - SMSB ;
Mr. Dave Skinne - N.I ;
Mr. Yew Chia Wei - N.I ;
Mr. Jack Barber - N.I ; Mr. C.K. Wang - SMSB )

SMSB Invited Malaysia Productivity Corporation(MPC)to audit our 5S Practice on 19th Feb

Why SMSB Practice 5S? Wastage could be loss of time, loss of interest, loss of materials required and so on. The Principe of 5S help us to have faith in it as a culture that aims at continuous improvement of the working environment and the work conditions. A well-organized workplace results in a safer, more efficient, and more productive operation. It boosts the morale of the workers, promoting a sense of pride in their work and ownership of their responsibilities. The philosophy is applicable to any aspect of life. 5S refers to the five structured principles of Seiri(Tidiness), Seiton(Orderliness), Seiso(Cleanliness), Seiketsu(Standardization), Shitsuke(Dicipline). We would to thank Mr.Zaki – MPC for sharing his valuable idea during 5S audition. His ideas will greatly improve our 5S practice. Below are some pictures during the 5S audition. improve our 5S practice. Below are some pictures during the 5S audition.

SMSB Group Activity for 2011 ~ Poco-Poco Dance on 12th February 2011

SMSB's Cheer Club had organized the 'Poco-Poco Dance' for all the SMSB staffs to participate on 12th February 2011.

SMSB K.P.I In-house Training on 6th & 8th January 2011

SMSB had organized the 'K.P.I - Key Performance Indicators' training for selected SMSB staffs to participate on 6th & 8th January 2011 with Mr. Fazil from BTA Consultants.


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