Our Capability

Non Accredited Category

Angle Block
Bar Applicator
Bevel Protractor / Combination Set
Carpenter Square
Checker Master
Counter Meter / Measuring Counter
Depth Microscope
Diameter Tape / Pie Tape
Finess Gauge c/w Scrapper
Glass Scale
L Ruler / Square / Carpenter Square
Limit Gauge
Linear Gauge Sensor

Optical Comparator
Optical Parallel 
Peak Lupe Scale  
Penning Gauge 
Precision Square
Roughness Specimen / Tester
Standard Plate
Straight Edge
Surface Profile Gauge
Surface Tester
Toolmaker Microscope
V Anvil Micrometer

Non Accredited Category

Aloss Meter
Conductivity Meter
Density Meter
DO Meter
Gloss Meter Ultrameter
Lux Meter / Illuminance Meter

Noise Dosi Meter
PH Meter
Sound Calibrator
Sound Level Meter
TDS Meter
Viscocity Meter / Tester


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